Extramarital and Gay Sex in Indonesia May be Outlawed

by Admin on February 7, 2018

The Parliament has held consultations with the public, religious scholars, legal experts, in regards to the topic of extramarital sex. Most political parties and conservative groups vote for having the draft legalized.

Groups such as Family Love Alliance give reasons for the draft that there needs to be a legislation that reflects the values of the majority of religions in Indonesia. Indonesia is the world’s largest Muslim population and deems adultery as a serious crime.

There are concerns that the draft may target the LGBT community as the legislation will not only ban extramarital sex but same sex relations as well. The majority of political parties have been for the legislation, however, few politicians will speak out as it will cost them the conservative voters that make up a majority of voters.

Activists argue that the new legislation would cause a disruption with social development and make it hard to police without violating privacy.

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Image: Wikimedia Commons

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