International Board Issues Concerns Over Thailand’s Cannabis ‘Liberalization’

by Admin on August 28, 2019

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The International Narcotics Control Board (INCB) has urged the Thai government to pump the brakes on its brand new medical marijuana policy.

The international group based in Vienna argued that Thailand is part of several international narcotics control treaties, which the country in their opinion should abide by.

Viroj Sumyai, head of the INCB, said he is deeply concerned by medical cannabis legalization in the country and the hype building around marijuana in general in Southeast Asia.

Sumyai stated that Thailand should expect to lose import privileges for valuable medicines if it decides to push down the path of full marijuana decriminalization.

He specifically pointed out a proposal being offered up by the Bhumjaithai and its leader Anutin Charnviraku that would allow every Thai to grow up to six weed plants in their home.

Anutin is now the public health minister and has vowed that he and his party will keep fighting for full cannabis legalization on the country.

Bhumjaitai, who made legal recreational marijuana one of the main pillars of their party platform, secured 51 seats in the new Thai parliament after receiving over 10% of the vote.

In particular, Sumyai said that Thailand must comply with the 1961 Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs, which it is a signatory to.

The treaty designates cannabis as a narcotic and only allows its use for medicinal purposes. Two other treaties also specifically label weed as a controlled substance.

Even though medical marijuana was legalized in Thailand, cannabis will still be heavily regulated and controlled in the Kingdom.

It will still be against the law to possess weed without a prescription from a certified medical practitioner, according to Thailand drug attorneys.

Also, only those who get approval from the Thai FDA will be allowed to grow, distribute, or sell medical cannabis.

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