Italian Police Bust Transsexual Prostitution Ring

by Admin on October 9, 2012

Italian police have busted a prostitution ring of transsexuals from Latin America with arrests in Lazio, Campania, and Umbria.

According to the BBC, the transsexuals were recruited from shanty towns in Brazil and other Latin American countries. The sex workers were sent plane tickets to “Rio de Janeiro to Madrid, Zurich, Paris, Budapest or Bucares” and from there would go to Italy, the BBC stated.

Authorities also seized twelve properties that they think were used by the sex ring.

Thailand criminal defense lawyers note that in the Kingdom there are also a number of outside sex workers who are non-Thai nationals, mainly from Eastern Europe and Africa, and come into the country to work as prostitutes. One recent bust in Thailand found a group of mama sans who were recruiting girls into Thailand by making them believe they were getting jobs other than sex work.

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