Judge Rules Australia Massage Parlor ‘Not Brothel’

by Admin on March 13, 2015

Australia: A massage parlor accused of operating as an illegal brothel won the court case after a Sydney judge ruled the evidence of sexual services offered was inadequate, reports The Sydney Morning Herald (SMH).

The case was brought by the Hornsby Council which spent more than $100,000 to have the Hornsby Massage Centre closed, according to SMH, including paying a private investigator to go undercover to procure sexual services as evidence in the case.

Law firm Chaninat and Leeds has a team of professional Thailand private investigators who have conducted surveillance for a wide variety of cases since 1997.

The Hornsby Massage Centre denied, to the council, that it offered sex and maintained it was a standard, therapeutic massage business.

The case came before court on January 19 and was dismissed in early March after the judge ruled that, even though there was proof of one worker providing sex, the council had not met the “standard of proof” based on the legal definition of brothel, which is “more than one prostitute using the premises at any one time,” reports SMH.

The Hornsby Council is reportedly planning to lobby for an “urgent review” of the “legislative definitions” of a brothel.

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