Singapore Blogger Fined for Criticizing Court

by Admin on March 13, 2015

A blogger in Singapore was fined $5,843 by the High Court for a blog post he wrote two years ago that criticized the Chief Justice in a anti-gay sex law case, reports Global Voices Online.

The High Court issued the fine to Alex Au Wai Pang, 62, on March 5, after ruling that the article “crossed the legal boundary and constituted scandalizing contempt.”

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According to Global Voices Online, Alex and his lawyers argued through their written submissions to the court that the article did not violate any law:

“The [government] has had to twist Mr Au’s words out of context and to editorialize to impute sinister innuendo into his article where none exists. In so doing, [it] has mischievously ignored the caveats in Mr Au’s article that clearly flag out to his readers that he is theorizing, as opposed to making statements of fact.”

Read the full story here.

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