Kentucky Senator to Overturn Law that Requiring Domestic Violence Victims to Pay Abusers Legal Fees

by Admin on January 15, 2018

Jeanette McCue was attacked by her husband in 2016. She was nearly left dead if it hadn’t been for her husband’s drunken state in which he couldn’t fire the gun in her direction. The attack resulted in a 10 year sentence and when she filed for divorce she received a bill of $160 for her abusive husbands legal representation fees.

Her attorney, Chambers, explained that the law stated if a spouse seeks an annulment from an inmate that they must cover the fees. Chambers, assisting in two similar cases wrote an opinion piece on the matter to shed some light on the issues it causes for domestic abuse victims such as McCue. The case caught the attention of Senator McGarvey who fully supports the notion of the legislation being unfair.

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He filed a one-sentence measure for Bill 68 to require the state to pay for legal fees in these types of cases. He argues that it would not cost the court much as these cases are quite rare. He hopes the change to be “a tremendous help to victims of brutal attacks”. Although the fee may seem reasonable to some, for impoverished women it may be out of reach and can cause the victim to dismiss divorce altogether or go back to the abuser.

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