Trump Administration to Loosen Policy on the Export of US Weapons

by Admin on January 16, 2018

The “Buy American” scheme will use US diplomats and military personnel to act as middle men for American arms contractors and US defense sales. Embassy staff stationed all around the world will essentially act as a sales force for defense contractors.

The current regulation surrounding the export of US arms to foreign bodies is the issue of human rights and to make sure that US weapons do not fall into the hands of sanctioned nations and war criminals. The new policy will greatly benefit America’s five main US defense manufacturers such as Boeing, General Dynamics and Lockheed Martin.

The new policy may come about as early as February, and may result in an increase in arms proliferation and international conflict. We may see weapons that were once considered illegal and black market to become mainstream and see the light of day as official US policy. The planned sales of arms don’t just include small weapons but also fighter jets, tanks, drones and artillery.

The policy change will further deputize US diplomats at the forefront of arms deals. It will also increase sales with non-NATO allies such as Egypt and Pakistan who have less restrictions when it comes to violating human rights. Therefore, it is still unclear how the policy will mitigate current regulations whilst dramatically increasing sales.   

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