Saudi Arabia Police Raid Gay Wedding and Arrest Everyone Involved

by Admin on January 16, 2018

Judges in Saudi Arabia sanction those guilty of homosexuality, extra marital affairs and other immoral acts based on the principles of Islamic law. When a video went viral of a gay couple at an outdoor festival getting married, police quickly rushed to the scene to arrest everyone involved.

The video showed the two men walking down the aisle in traditional robes as onlookers sprayed them with confetti. The police identified people in the video and they were arrested. However, the police did not comment on what charges they were being arrested on, merely that their case will be “referred to the prosecution”.

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When the onlookers were questioned, many of them were surprised when they saw two men walking down the aisle. The country currently has no written laws over sexual orientation or gender identity.

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Image: Tribes of the World

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