Legalization of Prostitution Trends in USA

by Admin on April 1, 2021

Across the USA various state legislators and government city officials are pushing forward with the decriminalization of commercial sex work. The following changes are afloat: 

The Queens New York Persecutor is moving to drop 700 sex work-related prosecutions. Accordingly to chief Queens prosecutor Melinda Katz, instead of prosecuting those defendants, we need to provide a meaningful helping hand to sex workers rather than prosecuting them.       

In Louisiana, USA, state representative Mandie Landry, has filed a bill that would fully legalize prostitution. Landry stated, “People who are victims of trafficking or witness trafficking are afraid themselves to go to law enforcement because they may be arrested for it”    

In Baltimore, Maryland, State Attorney Marilyn Mosty stated that the city will no longer prosecute prostitution or other low-level offenses. 

In Nevada USA, prostitution has been legalized in certain areas and is regulated by the Nevada state government.  Other US states, such as Texas, have a long tradition of underground prostitution as popularized by southern blues-rock band ZZ Top in their classic song “La Grange.”

Currently, Thailand’s Criminal law defines prostitution (and procuring) as criminal offenses. However, Thailand also has human trafficking law. However, so far, there are no known published court decisions or law amendments in Thailand that have provided for the possibility of using human trafficking laws as a defense to criminal prosecution for prostitution. 

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