Surrogate babies Abandoned During Covid Crisis

by Admin on February 1, 2021

Illegal surrogate babies have been abandoned in Thailand due to the Covid 19 travel bans and criminal invetsigations are being pursued by authorities.

Covid-19 travel bans has left many newborn babies of illegal surrogate mothers abandoned in Thailand according to Dr Akom Praditsuwan, of the Department of Health Service Support

Dr Akom stated as police and other agencies tried to track down individuals involved in complicit in the illegal surrigacy businesses. Thailand outlawed commerical surrogacy in 2015

According to Dr. Akom the babies were currently being cared for by officials from the Ministry of Social Development and Human Security

Prior to Thailand’s ban on commercial surrogacy 2015. Thailand was home to a thrivingHowever a number of high profile cases brought the issue of commercial surrogacy tono the crosshairs of Thailand’s legislators. In one case, a gay couple was embroiled in a dispute with surrogate mother who sought to keep the surrogate child rather than return the child to its gay biological father. Ultimately, the gay couple prevailed.

In another high profile case, a Japanese man fathered, through surrogacy 11 surrogate babies. Thai officials were concerned regarding the mental health of the Japanese biological father due to the nusual nature of his fertitlity escapade. A number of Chinese surrogate agencies has also used Thailand’s lax legal structure as a vehicle for Chinese nationals to evade the coutriy’s one child policy.

Thailand’s Surrogacy Law was enacted in 2015 as a result of these seeming excesses and put an end to Thailand’s legal commercial surrogacy business. Currently lawful surrogacies ar eonly allowed in Thailand by a married heterosexual couple, where at least one of the spouses in a Thai national. The advantage of a lawful, rather than an underground surrogacy is that theparents are granted automatic full recognition of their parental rights in Thailand


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