France Fast Track Deportation List to Protect LGBT Refugees from Homophobic Home Countries

by Admin on April 11, 2018

The French Parliament has amended their “safe countries list” for fast track deportation to leave out countries that penalize same sex relationships. The amendment will allow LGBT asylum seekers from countries where homosexuality is criminalized to appeal to the National Court for the Right to Asylum without risk of being deported if their claim is rejected.

The amendment has been passed by France’s Lower House but still needs approval from the Senate. A member of the Republic on the Move party comments, those countries such as India, Ghana and Senegal cannot be deemed “safe countries” if they criminalize LGBT people and are should be excluded from the list.

LGBT advocates in France have praised the amendment in terms of LGBT rights however; they argue that more can be done. A French NGO, Cimade, wants to get rid of the safe country list as the fast track deportation system will mean fewer rights for refugees.  

Current issues requiring a Thailand family lawyer may include families that cross borders due to having different residences or due to business travel.

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