Charges Against Premchai Poaching Case get Dropped

by Admin on April 10, 2018

Premchai, CEO of Italian-Thai Development Company has had 5 of the 11 charges against him for the alleged trophy hunting of a black Indochinese leopard dropped. Some of the charges dropped included animal cruelty and entering a wildlife sanctuary without permission and with ammunition.

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The CEO still faces charges hunting in a wildlife sanctuary and allegedly hunting protected wildlife in a sanctuary. Some of the Thai public who were outraged by the social media pictures of the CEO and dead leopard have commented on the dropped charges that they are “embarrassed”.

Reports on an update on the case have uncovered evidence that Premchai had cooked and eaten parts of the leopard with four others.

For more information on the nationwide campaign calling for justice for the leopard watch the following video interviewing an animal rights activist about the case.

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