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by Admin on January 24, 2013

Burma Parliament Curbs Tribunal Power

The Irawaddy Magazine is reporting that the Burmese Parliament is not accepting President Thein Sein’s amendments to its constitutional tribunal law. This reportedly will give the Parliament more control over the tribune and its appointees, weakening the independence of its judiciary. The Burmese parliament is dominated by members of the military. This is drawing concern from some doubting the independence of Burma’s legal system.

While the media continues to highlight Burma’s move toward liberalization, current affairs in the country prove otherwise.  For a country attempting to become more democratic, putting more power into a military-led parliament seems counter-intuitive, no?

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Burma Military Launches English Newspaper

To that point, the military is also playing a larger role when it comes to the presses. The Burmese military launched an English-language version of their newspaper, The Myawaddy, “adding another propaganda outlet to the group of media organizations it controls.”

The military already exerts control over four of the country’s major news outlets, and the “quasi-government” controls another three newspapers.

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