Medical Marijuana Ads to Hit Thailand Soon

by Admin on June 20, 2019

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Thailand’s interim cabinet officially approved guidelines for medical marijuana advertising in a recent decision.

Not anyone will be able to advertise medical weed, however.

Only those who apply and receive a license to grow, possess, and distribute weed from Thailand’s Food and Drug Administration will be able to market their medical cannabis products to the public.

Certified medical professionals and traditional Thai medical practitioners who meet certain criteria will be the only ones considered for medical marijuana approval.

For those wishing to advertise their weed products, the FDA must first examine the stock and make sure it meets certain standards.

In general, the rules and regulations in regards to marijuana marketing will be similar in stringency to that of alcohol advertisements.

If a medical cannabis seller wishes to alter their products in any way, they must renew their approval with the FDA to be able to continue advertising.

Attorneys specializing in drug laws in Thailand advise that those wishing to use medical marijuana go through all the proper channels before possessing weed in the Kingdom as marijuana remains a Schedule V drug in Thailand, carrying a prison sentence of up to five years.

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