Medical Marijuana Law Now in Hands of Voters

by Admin on September 14, 2012

It is now up to voters to repeal a state law aimed at stymieing the medical marijuana industry  after the Montana Supreme Court ruled there is no constitutional right to access the drug.

The decision lifted a judge’s block of portions of the 2011 law that prohibited marijuana providers from receiving compensation or anything of value for their services and limited them to three registered user each week.

Officials with the Montana Cannabis Industry Association are hoping voters can repeal the law, known as Senate Bill 423. Association President Chris Lindsey said this should be an issue that voters decide and that since the legalization was put in place it is wrong for the Legislature to take it away.

Lawmakers passed the ban on profits, restricted patient qualifications and added checks to doctors who recommended medical marijuana in an attempt to smother what they saw as an industry run amok.

Last year, District Judge Jim Reynolds blocked several parts of the new law from taking effect, saying it violated patients’ and providers’ constitutional rights to privacy and to pursue employment and health.

The state appealed, and the Supreme Court reversed Reynolds’ ruling. The justices sent the case back to Reynolds with orders to review it under a less strict standard for the state to prove the law was justified.

Although marijuana is illegal in Thailand, it has also long been used for medicinal purposes in the country. However, many Thai people consider this plant a dangerous substance and its user’s criminals. Thailand law enforcement is more focused on the methamphetamine epidemic. Methamphetamine in Thailand  is referred to as “yaba,” translated as “crazy drug” or “ya ice.”

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