Mexico Supreme Court: Recreational Marijuana Use is Constitutional

by Admin on March 27, 2019

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The Mexican Supreme Court ruled recently that the personal recreational use of marijuana is constitutional.

The ruling came after lower courts in the country had issued injunctions protecting five plaintiffs who had been caught using cannabis.

Now, with the Supreme Court’s backing, all federal judges in Mexico will be required by law to grant injunctions that protect those who wish to smoke weed and who want legal protection to do so.

Judges on the Supreme Court decided that the societal and public health harm posed by marijuana was not sufficient enough to justify a complete prohibition of the drug.

The high court’s ruling, however, does not protect those who wish to sell or grow marijuana.

This is another huge win recently for proponents of marijuana legalization. Just last month, Thailand became the first ever Asian country to legalize medical marijuana.

According to Thai drug attorneys, although the current laws and regulations regarding the recent amendment to the Narcotics Act that legalizes medical cannabis, many advocates are viewing this as a huge step towards legalization.

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