New Factory Bill to Further Pollute Thailand, Activists Warn

by Admin on February 28, 2019

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Environmentalist groups in Thailand are strongly arguing against the new Factory Bill currently being pushed through the National Legislative Assembly (NLA), saying it will only worsen Thailand’s recent pollution crisis.

The business-friendly Factory Bill has been widely criticized by activists in recent weeks for potentially weakening existing regulations that protect the environment from factory pollutants and other industrial by-products.

Since the new year, Thailand’s shockingly bad pollution problem took the country and world by storm, after pictures of the ultra-dense smog went viral.

According to proponents of the new factory law, it will boost industrial investments in Thailand.

If the new law is codified, factories with 50 or fewer employees will no longer have to register as factories with the government.

According to prominent Thai business attorneys, this means that nearly half of all factories in the country will no longer be subject to inspections and environmental regulations.

Also, factory licenses don’t need to be renewed every five years as they did previously, and factory owners will now be able to expand without first seeking permission from the government.

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