Vape Users Ask Thai Government to Clarify E-cigarette Laws

by Admin on March 4, 2019

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A network of vape users and activists have formally asked the Thai government to clarify regulations surrounding the use of e-cigarettes in the Kingdom.

The petition is in response to a French woman being arrested in Phuket in January for using an e-cigarette.

The woman was asked by authorities to pay a 40,000 baht bribe to be released.

The vapers said that current government e-cigarette regulations are not clearly understood–especially among tourists.

In 2014, Thailand prohibited the import, export, or sale of e-cigarettes.

The implementation or enforcement of the ban has yet to be clarified though.

The prohibition in vaping is in addition to other unique Thai laws in regards to tobacco usage. In 2017, the Thai government placed a ban on the use of shishas and water pipes.

Thailand attorneys warn those visiting the country to leave any vaping devices at home, as those caught using it could face years in prison or a hefty fine.

Read the full story here.

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