New Jersey Mandates CO Education for All Drivers

by Admin on December 6, 2016

Law comes in response to deaths from carbon monoxide poisoning

governor_of_new_jersey_chris_christie_at_southern_republican_leadership_conference_srlc_oklahoma_city_ok_may_2015_by_michael_vadon_130New Jersey Gov. Christie by Michael Vadon

New Jersey passed a law that requires the State Motor Vehicle Commission to test all drivers on the dangers of carbon monoxide poisoning.

According to a report by North Jersey, the law comes after a mother and her two children died in their car from carbon monoxide poisoning while trying to keep warm after their car had gotten stuck in the snow.

The law was sponsored by Assemblyman Gary Schaer who was in Passaic the day the policemen tried to revive the woman and her two kids. He is quoted as saying, “The tragedy is indescribable. I can’t imagine the pain and loss felt by the Rosa and Bonilla families and friends. I applaud the governor for approving this legislation.”

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Under the law, the MVC is required to include questions about carbon monoxide poisoning on exams for learning permits and driving licenses. The MVC will also be required to produce pamphlets containing information about carbon monoxide poisoning.

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