UK Extreme Surveillance Law Signed Off by the Queen

by Admin on December 2, 2016

Law deemed the most invasive of the western democracies will be in force before Dec 31st


It was reported here that the British parliament had approved a surveillance law that would require web and phone companies to store users’ browsing history and submit them to intelligence agencies and law enforcement when they deem it necessary.

The law also allows law enforcement to hack into suspected individuals’ phones and computers to collect data in bulk.

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Prime Minister Theresa May says that the law is necessary in order to protect national security and public safety. Others however, don’t feel the same way, as the petition to repeal the law has garnered over 150,000 signatures.

The government’s website states that the parliament will table the debate if all the petitions cross 100,000 signatures.

As of right now, the law has which has been called the ‘most far reaching’ of any democracy is waiting to go into full force.

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