Northern Ireland Criminals Plead Guilty Online

by Admin on November 6, 2017

According to the Belfast Telegraph, Northern Ireland’s government is set to enable petty criminals to plead guilty online and receive their sentences through a computer.

The Ministry of Justice plans to implement the system initially with small offences that aren’t punishable by a prison offence, such as railway fare evasion.

Their statement reads “under this proposal, defendants who opt in to the online procedure and plead guilty will be offered the option to accept a pre-determined penalty (including the payment of any appropriate compensation and costs), be convicted and pay the amount immediately”.

This will allow the courts to reduce unnecessary delays in uncontested cases, so that magistrates are able to spend more time on cases which are more complex.

The system won’t be mandatory. Defendants will have the opportunity to opt out and have their case dealt with by the Single Justice Procedure or heard in court if they prefer.

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