Thailand Cracks Down on Foreigners Overstaying Visas

by Admin on November 14, 2017

Thailand has launched a crackdown on foreigners living in Thailand who have overstayed their visas, according to Coconuts.

Deputy Prime Minister Gen. Prawit Wongsuwan met with military and national security officials this week to discuss operations to tackle the problem of foreigners living in Thailand illegally. This came after the discovery of around 100,000 foreigners in the Kingdom with expired visas.

Gen. Prawit believes that many of these individuals are involved in criminal operations, with some fleeing criminal charges in other countries.

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In Phuket, police are conducting a search for 142 foreigners who are believed to have bribed officials in order to stay in the country. Fifteen police officers are under investigation, with one deputy police commander and a deputy superintendent suspected of corruption, and other employees having already been dismissed.

Gen. Prawit has ordered immigration officers and police to thoroughly check visas and punish people who overstay.

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Image: Siruf Kafeshi

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