Number of Expats Choosing to Stay in Thailand Falling

by Admin on July 11, 2019

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The total number of expats choosing to renew their visas to stay in Thailand has dropped in the past year–especially among those hailing from Nordic countries and mainland China.

Expats are typically considered those living in a foreign country on a business visa, retirement visa, student visa, or another visa that allows them to live as a permanent resident.

According to a study carried out by, the total number of Nordic individuals renewing their business visa this year has fallen 10%.

Numbers from Thailand’s Immigration and the Sports and Tourism Ministry also show a decline in renewed expat visas across the board–a 2% total drop for all nationalities.

The reason for the drop in renewals?

According to Thailand immigration lawyers, the government has placed tighter controls on permanent residency visas in recent years.

One recent example, which could account for a dip in retirement visas specifically, was a new law that requires expats aged 50 and up to secure mandatory health insurance.

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