Outrage over U.S ‘Social Media ID’ Law

by Admin on September 9, 2016

US may require social media inspections of visitors at airports 9733284483_e147eda73b_b

ComputerWorld reports that the government has hatched a plan that would require foreign nationals traveling from countries that have a visa-waiver to the U.S to provide details of their Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other social media sites that they might use to the U.S authorities.

This law will not be applicable to countries like India or Thailand, who get a security vetting when traveling to the U.S.

Chaninat & Leeds Immigration Attorneys specialize in U.S Immigration in Thailand including U.S visa waivers for Thai and other foreign nationals in Thailand

Benjamas Chaiwong, an immigration attorney at Chaninat & Leeds said “the DHS may view the visa waiver program as a source of potential security to the USA.”

According to ComputerWorld, the rule is broadly opposed by privacy groups who feel that social media postings should not be grounds to deny someone entry into the country.

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