Italian Government Decriminalizes Public Masturbation

by Admin on September 9, 2016

 Supreme Court rules public masturbation not considered a crime in Italypexels-photo

Independent reports the Supreme Court in Italy has ruled that public masturbation is not considered an illegal act.

The ruling came, after a 69 year old man identified only as Pietro L, was charged with indecency after he was caught “taking out his member and “engaging in “auto-eroticism.” He was sentenced to three months in jail with a fine of over €3000.

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In an appeal to overturn Pierro’s conviction, the Supreme Court ruled “The act is no longer regarded as a crime by the law.” It decided against a custodial sentence and incurred a fine of €5,000 and €30,000.

Penalties for public masturbation vary from country to country. For instance, in Indonesia, a person can be jailed up to 32 days for the act while in Saudi Arabia a teacher was sentenced to 3 year in jail and 300 lashes for declaring that masturbation was permissible under Islamic law.

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