Phuket Prepares for Vegetarian Festival

by Admin on October 2, 2012

Phuket’s annual vegetarian festival is right around the corner and that means vendors, store owners, and restaurants are stocking up on an assortment of meatless food options.

The 2012 Phuket Vegetarian Festival, which will be held from the 15 to 23 of October, will include a parade of honour, to commemorate His Majesty the King’s 84th Birthday, the Queen’s 80th Birthday, and the Crown Prince Siam’s 60th Birthday Anniversary.

The Ministry of Commerce will oversee the price of vegetables, fruits and other foods to prevent the exploitation of consumers. 

According to Director of Tourism Authority of Thailand Phuket office Chanchai Duangjit , the festival is expected to have more than 100,000 Thai and international tourists come to Phuket. The revenue from the event is estimated to reach THB 550 to 600 million.

Due to 70 people being injured and one person dying from smoke inhalation during the festival last year, the Phuket Health Office will be enforcing more regulations for safety.

The festival is known for participants piercing themselves as well as performing stunts such as walking barefoot over coals and walking up bladed ladders. During the previous festival, 29 people were injured from performing from weapons, 41 were injured from firecrackers, smoke, and noise, while 14 suffered injuries to their eyes.  

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