Pinball Machines Finally Set To Become Legal in Indiana City

by Admin on December 14, 2016

The state is ready to reverse a few decades long law that issued a $1000 fine for playing or owning the machine

pinballPhoto by Wayne Patrick Finn

Indiana’s Kokomo city is set to overturn a 1975 law that made the possession and use of pinball machines illegal. The law stipulated a $1000 fine for anyone found in violation of it reports The Wall Street Journal.

The apparent reason for the overturn is because few people were unaware that the law even existed and no record of a violation could be found.

The law was sponsored by Common Council member Steve Whikehart who said to WSJ, “We’ve made a conscious effort to modernize our code book by finding inconsistencies, inefficiencies or laws that are simply outdated”.

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WSJ reports that Whikehart also contributed to the amendments of other laws such as updating the civil-rights legislation to apply to the LGBT community and mandating “a uniform grass height for yards in both rental and owned properties, where previously there had been two standards.”

The proposed ordinance was approved by the city council on November 28 and is awaiting further approval on Monday after which if the mayor signs it, it will come to pass.

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