Police Admit Laws are Murky After Latest Motorcycle Taxi-Grab Scuffle

by Admin on March 21, 2019

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Khao San Road police admit that the laws surrounding Grab and other ride-hailing services are not clear after another scuffle took place between a motorcycle taxi driver and Grab rider.

Rather than taking matters into their own hands, authorities are urging both ride-sharing drivers and traditional taxi drivers to contact police if disputes should arise.

In the latest episode of the motorbike taxi-Grab turf war, an orange-vested moto taxi driver attacked a Grab rider near Khao San Road.

According to Bangkok attorneys, the tensions surrounding Grab and traditional taxis are starting to boil over in the capital city as many taxi drivers see their business dropping and livelihood at stake due disrupting technology that is ride-sharing apps.

The man who attacked the Grab rider will appear in court on an assault charge.

Read the full story here.

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