Thai Party Running in General Election Wants to Legalize Sex Toys

by Admin on March 21, 2019

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A lesser-known Thai political party running in the upcoming general elections this weekend announced that one of their major policy platforms is lifting the ban on the production and sale of sex toys.

The Tai Rak Tham party stated that by legalizing sex toys, Thailand will be able to use its vast rubber resources to stimulate the economy.

On top of that, Tai Rak Tham leaders say that lifting the sex toy ban will lower sexual assault crimes and the spread of sexually transmitted diseases.

Those caught possessing, producing, or selling sex toys in Thailand oftentimes face criminal charges, according to Jitsopin Narrasettapong, a leading Thai criminal attorney.

Tai Rak Tham, a party formed by LGBT activists involved in the nightlife scene across Thailand, also promised to allow entertainment venues to operate 24-hours a day as a means to stimulate local businesses.

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