US Reduces Visa Validity and Increases Fees for Pakistanis

by Admin on March 20, 2019

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The United States has reduced the visa validity period for Pakistani nationals from five years to 12 months after the Pakistani government refused to liberalize its visa rules for Americans.

On top of a shorter validity period, additional fees will also be applied to Pakistanis seeking visas, $32 for the journalist and media visas and $38 for all other visas.

According to US immigration lawyer Joe Leeds, the State Department is required by law to change visa fees and validity periods to match the practice of other countries.

The State Department also found many other countries with visa discrepancies in regards to the United States after a worldwide review.

So more visa changes are expected for other countries as well in the coming weeks.

Changes to B1 and B2 visas, which are for business visits and tourism visits respectively, were not announced.

Read the full story here.

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