New Polish Prime Minister Morawiecki, Rebuilds Relations with the EU

by Admin on January 12, 2018

In an attempt to strengthen relations with the European Union, the Polish PM has reshuffled his cabinet, removing the Ministers of Defense, Environment and Foreign Affairs. The move was made to deter potential EU sanction on Poland.

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European leaders had expressed concerns over Polands amendments to its justice system, the refusal of taking in migrants and government approved logging in an old forest. However, Moraweicki reassures EU leaders that the changes are necessary, will be transparent and cost-efficient. Other changes include accepting Ukrainian refugees who have been displaced by the conflict with Russia and a new energy and climate policy.

Morawiecki managed to persuade the ruling party leader, Kaczynski to let go of the Cabinet ministers that were most criticized by EU leaders in order for Poland to have a stronger role in Europe. The removal of the foreign and environmental minister who approved of the logging in the old forest showed the European Court of Justice that Poland wanted to make amends. The Polish PM had kept the Justice Minister, who enforced the crackdown on the justice system as he also supports the changes.

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