Proposed Missouri Law Will Require Sex with Lobbyists to be Reported as “Gifts”

by Admin on January 11, 2016

A proposed law in Missouri will mean that lobbyists who have sex with state lawmakers or their aids will have to report such activity as a “gift” to the state ethics commission.

As reported by Jonathan Turley, Missouri Representative Bart Korman has requested sexual relations to be reported as a “gift.”

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Turley writes:

“The problem is that the law would intrude into privacy areas in an unprecedented way. It is not illegal for lobbyists to have sexual relations with lobbyists and this law would require embarrassing and potential harmful speech. Putting aside the requirement of reporting such relationships as “gifts,” a more difficult question is whether a law could simply require disclosure of any such relationships as a matter of record like any other potential conflict of interest.”

Read the full story here.

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