Same Sex Partner Certificate’s Allowed in Tokyo

by Admin on August 4, 2015

From November onwards, the largest district in Tokyo will allow “partnership” certificates to gay and lesbian couples, reports the Bangkok Post.

The certificates will not be recognized by law, but it is hoped that this new recognition will mean that landlords and hospitals treat the union as they would a traditional marriage, which is a big step forward for gay rights.

Same-sex marriages remain illegal in Japan, with the constitution saying that marriage ‘shall be based only on the mutual consent of both sexes.’

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Image Credit: Lauren Anderson (Flickr)
Tokyo’s Rainbow Pride Festival. Image Credit: Lauren Anderson (Flickr)

This will be the second district in Japan to legitimize such unions. The first being the district of Shibuya which did the same in March of this year.

To apply for the certificate, couples must be at least 20 years of age and have at least one partner a full time Setagaya resident, or be planning a move to the district.

The district of Setagaya is the second most populous in Tokyo, with roughly 837,185 residents.

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