New Law Allowing People To Break Into Cars To Save Children And Pets

by Admin on July 27, 2017

As said by Denver Post, by August 9th it will be legal for good samaritans to break into a stranger’s hot car to save a child, dog or cat, but only after making reasonable efforts to contact law enforcement.

Said good Samaritans must have reasonable belief that the occupants/animals of the hot car are at risk or in imminent danger to be excused from having charges pressed against them.

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According to data collected by, a national advocacy group for child safety in vehicles, there were 39 child heat-stroke deaths caused by being left in a car in 2016. 87 percent were 3 years old or younger of those children who died, and 55 percent of the parents unknowingly left their child in the car.

It is a crime to leave an animal in dangerous conditions in Denver and suspects could face up to a year in jail or a $999 fine.

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