Sex Offense Laws to Protect Child Victims

by Admin on June 8, 2016

Victoria, Australia government review leads to change in sex offense laws that will keep children safer on Snap Chat and Skype.



The Department of Justice stated in 2013 that an overhaul was well over due’ and now more than 50 sex offense laws are to be overhauled.  Attorney-General Martin Pakula said in a release that the laws existing as they stand were in some cases not viable and therefore as an outcome there had been retrials and appeals.

The Victorian Crimes Amendment (Sexual Offences) Bill 2016 will amend sexual offence laws to be less complex and deal with offences that are taking place more through modern technologies.


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Attorney Pakula said “Many of our current sexual offence laws are incomplete, too complex and use outdated language,”

“These amendments will make our laws clearer and better understood, assisting juries in criminal trials, stated Pakula.

The changes to the law will also clarify that offences will apply to conduct on, Snapchat, Skype, or other online video chat applications.

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