Study Reveals That 25% of Law Students Have Depression and Other Mental Illnesses

by Admin on January 13, 2016

ThaiLawForum was shocked to learn that twenty five per cent of law students worldwide have been diagnosed with depression, anxiety, or other mental disorders such as eating disorders and substance abuse.

The survey, which can be read here, highlights the stress associated with legal study and the law profession as a whole.

American lawyers in Bangkok Chaninat and Leeds have been successfully practicing law in Thailand since 1997

Legal blogger and professor Jonathan Turley writes on the topic:

“Law students and lawyers are often afraid to get help in the erroneous belief that either it could harm their standing in the profession or such problems means that they cannot be top practitioners.”

He went on to say:

“This is an important report that I will be mentioning to my students in emails and in class this week. Once we can remove the stigma of such illness, we can make further strides in getting law students and lawyers the help that they need to live productive and happy lives.”

Read more here and here.

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