Teacher by Day, Transgender Prostitute by Night

by Admin on September 25, 2012

Tylor Martinez works as a six-grade elementary teacher at one of Guatemala’s elementary schools. However, what his students don’t know is that once the school days ends Tylor takes off the pants, puts on a skirt, makeup and wig and goes to his second job as a prostitute at a bar.

Tylor becomes Lina Elizabeth Tylor Martinez, a transgender woman leads a double life where being a prostitute is the only place he “can really be a woman.”

Linda works in the Guatemala’s red-light district where transgender people are at risk, and two transgender women were murdered in July. The U.S. State Department mentioned such violence in its 2011 report, saying Guatemalan police had failed to investigate two earlier killings of transgender people in the country.

In Thailand there are no known transgender teachers, however, there is a transgender politician. This year Yollada “Nok” Suanyot became the highest ranking transgender politician, and the only one at that. No worries about keeping your transsexual secret in Thailand.

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