Thai Authorities Raid 21 Illegal Vape Shops, Arrest 18

by Admin on March 6, 2019

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Shortly after a story surfaced about a French woman being arrested for smoking an e-cigarette in Phuket, Thai police raided 21 vape shops in Bangkok, arresting 16 Thais and two Burmese.

In Thailand, smoking e-cigarettes and vaping is illegal and punishable by arrest or hefty fines.

Currently, though, the regulations and enforcement surrounding vaping in Thailand is unclear and has prompted activists to lobby the government to provide more clear guidelines and leniency.

The law is especially misunderstood among tourists visiting the Kingdom, who assume that vaping and e-cigarettes are legal just like in their home country.

According to Thailand drug attorneys, this has prompted Thai tourist organizers to warn foreigners coming to vacation in the country to leave their e-cigs at home, rather than risk arrest, fines, or having to pay potential bribes.

Read the full story here.

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