Thai Immigration Issues Warning to Foreigners Who Break the Law

by Admin on October 31, 2019

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Thai immigration has warned lawbreaking foreigners in the country that this is “just the beginning”, hinting that the latest crackdown on foreigners who spurn the law will only intensify.

Immigration Chief Lieutenant General Sompong Chingduang stated that authorities will rid Thailand of bad apples in the foreigner population.

Among those that will be targeted are overstayers, illegal immigrants, internationally wanted individuals, and common criminals.

Foreigners can be blacklisted, ie banned,  from Thailand for overstaying their visa or committing other criminal offenses.

Thailand immigration authorities have made it a habit in the past few years to not only round-up dozens of lawbreaking foreigners at a time in raids, but also to parade them out in front of the press for all to see.

Thai immigration has already nabbed over 45,000 foreigners in recent months who were attempting to skirt the law with its recently implemented biometrics system at airports.

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