Thai Internet Provider Causes Uproar After Blocking Access to Pornhub

by Admin on May 27, 2020

ไฟล์:Pornhub-logo.svg - วิกิพีเดีย

True Online, a Thai internet provider, caused a huge online stir recently when it blocked access to Pornhub, the world’s most popular adult video site.

In response to the outrage, True Online has since restored access to the Pornhub, to the happiness of porn connoisseurs everywhere in the Kingdom.

The internet service provider first claimed in response to a Twitter user that they had only throttled speed to the site, but then later admitted that they had blocked the site due to “adult content”.

Section 287 of Thai Penal Code forbids adult sites, but there have been almost no cases related to the subject in high courts in the country.

That section of the penal code expressly prohibits the production, distribution, and possession of pornography.

The problem with the law, however, is that it pertains to porn that is created or used for the purposes of trade, which is hard to prove on the internet as a lot of porn content is free and in some cases unsolicited coming from spam or pop-ups.

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