UK Promises to Accept 3 Million Hong Kong Citizens if China Codifies Security Law

by Admin on June 9, 2020

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Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced recently that the UK is ready to accept nearly 3 million Hong Kong citizens into Britain if the Chinese government institutes a controversial new security law.

The law, which has already passed through the Chinese parliament, has many Hong Kong citizens worried that their way of life, including the freedoms they enjoy as a semi-autonomous territory, is set to end.

The Chinese government has said that the draconian national security law is necessary to quell subversion, foreign interference, and terrorism on the island.

One top Beijing official recently compared the law to an “anti-virus software” and said it would only target a very small group of people.

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Most rights activists, however, state that the law is nothing more than an attempt for mainland China to establish more control over Hong Kong in the midst of widespread protests.

Johnson’s promise would essentially give some 2.5 million Hong Kong residents a path to citizenship in the UK by giving them 12-month renewable visas to work and live in the country.

In response, the Chinese government stated that the offer was out of line since Hong Kong citizens are Chinese nationals.

Read the full story here.

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