New Thailand Laws Target Beggars

by Admin on May 7, 2019

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Thailand is strengthening its laws against panhandling in an attempt to reduce the number of beggars across the country.

Primarily the law will promote a partnership between The Ministry of Social Development and Human Security (MSDHS) and the National Office of Buddhism that will launch public campaigns urging people from giving money to street beggars as it is against the law.

On top of that though, the Beggar Control Act, which comes into effect in August, will impose first time fines for begging at 500 baht, second-time fines at 2,000 baht, third-time fines at 5,000 baht, and four or more begging offenses at 10,000 or more baht.

The new law also requires that those caught begging on the street submit themselves to a life development center if they don’t stop panhandling.

Those admitted to such centers would not be allowed to leave without permission.

The move by the Thai government is most likely an attempt to deal with the large numbers of beggars that congregate in high-traffic areas, such as temples and other tourist hotspots.

Thailand law does recognize “squatter’s rights” based on occupying land, but the law in Thailand does not, however, recognize a basic squatter’s right on public streets.

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