Tobacco Authority Lobbying to Make Cannabis Cigarettes Available in Convenience Stores

by Admin on May 2, 2019

Thailand’s Tobacco Authority is lobbying to obtain a license to produce and distribute cannabis cigarettes across the Kingdom.

Although the Thai tobacco industry would like to make cannabis cigarettes available in convenience stores, they do note that the cigarettes would only contain CBD, the non-psychoactive ingredient in cannabis.

Thailand’s medical marijuana law requires patients seeking to use marijuana in Thailand to first obtain a license from a doctor or a certified medical practitioner.

The lobbying effort is part of the Thai Tobacco Authority’s move away from tobacco-based cigarettes, which in recent years have seen lower and lower sales due to high taxes and a decrease of smokers.

Initially, the Thai Tobacco Authority had been chosen by the Thai government to help research, grow, and extract cannabis oils for medical purposes, thanks to their deep ties to farmers across Thailand.

Despite wanting to produce cannabis cigarettes, as of now, Thailand’s FDA has said it is only interested in allowing the Thai Tobacco Authority to plant cannabis for research, not commerce.

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