Turkey Withdraws Child Sex Law after Major Protests

by Admin on November 25, 2016

The proposed law would free child rapists if they married their victims

binali_yildirim_croppedTurkey PM Binali Yildirim by BedirFurkan

VOA News reports that the Turkish government has withdrawn the proposed law that would give child rapist a get-out-of-jail free card if they marry their victims.

The move drew nationwide protests and international outrage.

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The withdrawal was announced by Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yildirim hours before the legislation was set to be passed into law. Yildirim is quoted by VOA as saying, “these issues will be discussed by a parliamentary commission” and that if a proposal comes from the opposition, it will be developed. If not, Yildirim said that the parliament will take suggestions from the public.

Opposition parties had opposed the ruling, but as the party voting the measure held majority of the seats, the legislation would have passed reports VOA.

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