UK Prenuptial Agreements a Cause for Murder?

by Thailand Lawyer on June 10, 2011

As a recent UK case illustrates, family law is probably the most volatile, emotionally laced and potentially dangerous field of law out there. More so even than criminal law.

This is demonstrated by an article The Guardian posted about a British pilot who bludgeoned his wife to death after severe disagreements over post-divorce financial settlements. The pilot, Robert Brown, was apparently quite disgruntled after the prenuptial agreement he had signed with his wife barred him from claiming any part of his wife’s substantial trust fund, and also prevented him from retaining ownership of the high-value family home.

The murder, premeditated by Brown, occurred just eleven days after the UK Supreme Court issued a ruling setting a case precedent for the binding quality of prenuptial agreements. The Browns were scheduled for their last, final court hearing to resolve the financial disputes resulting from their divorce, and members of the Browns’ family were quite aware of Robert Brown’s indignation over what he viewed as an unfair settlement.

Brown was sentenced to 26 years in jail in May, and admitted that he believed he was “stitched up” by a prenuptial agreement to prosecutors involved in the case. This led him into feelings of resentment and rage, and eventually led to the murder of his wife Joanna Brown.

In our last post involving divorce and prenuptial agreements in the UK, we noted that there is currently a trend occurring in UK courts to provide more weight to prenuptial agreements in divorce cases than ever before.

Divorces can and do get messy, but we should hope that the stricter enforcement of UK prenuptial agreements will not lead either party down this road-less-taken.

We think that there was probably more lurking under the surface than mere financial issues. Could a Thailand prenuptial agreement case potentially reach this level?

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