Young Malaysian Man Sentenced to Death for Selling Cannabis Oil to the Ill

by Admin on November 12, 2018

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In Malaysia, renewed calls for the legalization of medical marijuana are being called for after a man was sentenced to death for selling medical cannabis oil to individuals suffering from diseases and other ailments.

Muhammad Lukman, a 29-year-old devout Muslim, sold small bottles of cannabis oil to sick Malaysians on his Facebook page called HealTHCcare.

According to Lukman’s lawyer and those who knew him personally, he was an extremely kind man who wanted to help people and often gave his THC-infused products to them for free.

But although Lukman’s draconian punishment drew outrage across the internet, it’s not clear how much of an effect it will have on medical marijuana policy in Malaysia, a country with extremely conservative Muslim elements and over 900 people currently on death row for drug offenses.

There are positive signs for medical cannabis to be legalized in the near future in Malaysia and across Southeast Asia though.

Both young people and high-profile politicians in the region have voiced their support for the idea as it becomes more mainstream.

Thailand lawyers handling marijuana cases note that the country has seen a radical shift in how the medical marijuana is viewed and will most likely become the first Asian country to legalize it in the coming weeks.

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