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Article 9
Additional Information

1. If the Requested Party considers that the information furnished in support of a request for extradition is not sufficient in accordance with this Treaty to enable extradition to be granted, that Party may request that additional information be furnished within such time as it specifies.

2. If the person whose extradition is sought is under arrest and the additional information furnished is not sufficient in accordance with this Treaty or is not received within the time specified, the person may be released from custody. Such release shall not preclude the Requesting Party from making a fresh request for the extradition of the person.

3. Where the person is released from custody in accordance with paragraph 2, the Requested Party shall notify the Requesting Party as soon as practicable.

Article 10
Authentication of Supporting Documents

1. A document that, in accordance with Article 8, accompanies a request for extradition shall be admitted in evidence, if authenticated, in any extradition proceedings in the territory of the Requested Party.

2. A document is authenticated for the purposes of this Treaty, if it purports to be signed or sealed or certified by a competent officer of the Requesting Party.

Article 11
Provisional Arrest

1. In case of urgency, either Contracting Party may request the provisional arrest of the person sought pending the presentation of the request for extradition through the diplomatic channel. The application may be transmitted by post or telegraph or by any other means affording a record in writing.

2. The application shall contain a description of the person sought, a statement that extradition is to be requested through the diplomatic channel, a statement of the existence of the relevant documents mentioned in paragraph 3 or paragraph 4 of Article 8 authorizing the apprehension of the person, a statement of the punishment that can be imposed or has been imposed for the offence and, if requested by the Requested Party, a concise statement of the conduct alleged to constitute the offence.

3. The Requesting Party shall be notified without delay of the result of its application.

4. The person arrested shall be set at liberty if the Requesting Party fails to present the request for extradition, accompanied by the documents specified in Article 8, within sixty (60) days from the date of arrest, provided that this shall not prevent the institution of proceedings with a view to extraditing the person sought if the request is subsequently received.

Article 12
Simplified Extradition

When a person sought advises a court or other competent authorities of the Requested Party that the person consents in writing to extradition, the Requested Party shall take all necessary measures to expedite the extradition to the extent permitted under its laws.


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