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Best & Fair Practices in HR Restructuring
4-5 November 2009, at Kuala Lumpur. Organized by the Asia Business Forum.
Fiducia 2009 Bangkok
11 November 2009, at The Sukhothai Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand. Organized by the Asiaciti Trust Group.
Opportunities & Challenges for Thai Customs 2009-2010
13-14 November 2009, at Novotel Lotus (Sukhumvit 33) Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand. Organized by the Splendid Sessions.
Legal , Tax & Business Aspects for Investment in Vietnam
19-20 November 2009 Grand Millennium Sukhumvit Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand. Organized by the Asia Business Forum.
Resolving Tax Disputes 2009-2010 (Thai Language)
20-21 November 2009, at Novotel Lotus (Sukhumvit 33) Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand. Organized by the Unique Seminar.

2nd Negotiating & Egotiating & Drafting Commercial Contracts Indonesia 2009
23-24 November 2009, at Indonesia. Organized by the Asia Business Forum.
Effective Purchasing & Contract Negotiation Strategies
25-26 January 2010, at Singapore. Organized by the Asia Business Forum.
Anti-Corruption Asia Congress 2010
25-28 January 2010, at Hong Kong. Organized by Beacon Events.

Inter-Pacific Bar Association (IPBA) 20th Annual Conference
2-5 May 2010, at Singapore. Organized by IPBA.
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Foreign Sleuths: Crime Fiction in a Thai Setting
Crime fiction writers are increasingly choosing Thailand’s criminal underbelly of depravity, deceit and corruption as the setting for their foreign sleuths. More often than not, having been residents themselves for several years, they have developed a deep understanding of Thai culture, customs, mentality and – most importantly – the fundamental differences to the West. This greatly helps them not only to seamlessly weave their characters into a story set (to most readers) in a still very exotic environment, but also enables them to explain why some things in this tropical country happen the way they do.
The Murder of Thai Teenager Sherry Ann Duncan and Due Process in the Thai Criminal Justice System
On July 25, 1986 a Thai-American teenage girl's body was discovered, beginning a decade long struggle to bring her murderers to justice. The case inspired far-reaching changes to the Thai criminal justice system that are still in effect today.
Fugitives in Thailand
On 11 August, 2009, the Thai courts refused a request from the US to extradite Viktor Bout on accusations of selling arms to terrorist organizations, reigniting the debate on Thailand’s role in dealing with suspected criminals.  This article provides background on international fugitives in Thailand and the Thai government’s efforts to combat its image as a safe haven for criminals.
Patient Rights in Thailand's Booming Medical Tourism Industry
Little did Margaret Richter know that the night she assisted her sick husband onto the flight to Bangkok would be the last she would ever see him alive. Her husband's once powerful frame now looked bent and reed-like as he entered the airplane ramp among the throng of tourists, holiday.
Defrauded in Thailand
There was nothing much to distinguish Tony Shaughnessy from the thousands of other new expatriate arrivals in Thailand.
Transsexuals and Thai Law
Walk down almost any busy street in Thailand, especially in a tourist hotspot such as Bangkok, Pattaya or Phuket, and chances are good that you will see at least one Thai transsexual.
Sex Crimes in Thailand Part 1: US Sex Laws Abroad: The Long Arm of Uncle Sam
US citizens, and even non-US citizens, may be surprised at the scope and reach of US federal law against the sexual abuse and exploitation of minors US citizens, and even non-US citizens, may be surprised at the scope and reach of US federal law against the sexual abuse and exploitation of minorsUS citizens, and even non-US citizens, may be surprised at the scope and reach of US federal law against the sexual abuse and exploitation of minors.
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Thailand Law Forum new blog (Thai)
Drug Laws of Thailand Part 1
Drug Laws of Thailand Part 2
Thailand Anti-Money Laundering Law Act
Hire of Immovable Property for Commerce and Industry
Sex Change Law Thailand
Thailand Land Code
Thailand Product Liability Act
Thailand Ministerial Notification Land Department Notification
Treaty of Extradition between Thailand and United States of America
Treaty on Extradition between The Kingdom of Thailand and The Republic of Korea
Treaty between The Kingdom of Thailand and the People’s Republic of China on Extradition

Breach of Sublease Payments
Mrs. Suwagoon Ongwanit vs. Mr. Pansak Boonpongsa et al

The plaintiff leased land from the State Railway of Thailand in the surrounding vicinity of Cha Owd railway station. The plaintiff verbally agreed to let the defendant sublease a portion of a vacant plot for a rental fee of 500 baht per month, although there was no written lease agreement. The defendant constructed a building on the said land and subsequently defaulted on rental payments. Following this, the State Railway of Thailand sent a notice informing the plaintiff of the termination of the land lease agreement. The defendant stated in his appeal that since the State Railway of Thailand terminated the land lease agreement with the plaintiff, the plaintiff was no longer the one with rights in the disputed land and had no authority to file an action to evict or request compensation for damages from the defendant. However, the Supreme Court judged otherwise.

Land Mortgage
Mrs. Suwagoon Ongwanit vs. Mr. Pansak Boonpongsa et al

Even though the mortgage agreement did not mention any construction on the land, the plaintiff, as mortgagee or lender, is entitled to seize the construction owned by the second defendant, as mortgagor or borrower, including the mortgaged land for auction without being required to request approval for seizure of the construction.

Buying a Condominium in Thailand:
By way of background, the law governing condominiums was enacted as Condominium Act, B.E. 2522 (1979).  This law was liberalized to allow foreign investment in condominiums by Condominium Act (No. 2), B.E. 2534 (1991)
The Liability for Damages Caused by Unsafe Goods Act B.E. 2551:
The Liability for Damages Caused by Unsafe Goods Act B.E. 2551 (the “Product Liability Law”), which will be effective for products sold on or after 20 February 2009, holds “entrepreneurs” jointly liable to “damaged parties” for damages caused by unsafe goods sold to consumers
2008 Amendments to the Condominium Act:
On July 4, 2008, for the first time since 1999, the Condominium Act of 1979 was amended  (the “2008 Condominium Act Amendments”).  The purpose of these amendments was to provide additional protection to buyers of condominium units and to make the existing protections more effective
Thailand Alien Working Act 2008:
The Alien Working Act, B.E. 2551, which came into force on 23 February 2008, repealed and replaced the Alien Working Act, B.E. 2521, as amended. The Act regulates work by aliens, requiring work to be done with a work permit, except for extraordinary circumstances, and sets forth penalties for violations of the Act
Thailand Labor Protection Act (No. 2) 2008:
The Labor Protection Act B.E. 2551 was enforced on 28 May 2008 and provides additional protection to employees, including the requirement for employers to pay interest to employees for late payment wages, and restricting female employees and pregnant employees from certain types of work
Obtaining a Waiver of a Denial of a US Visa:
The law summary discusses the discretionary authority of the US Attorney General to waive the denial of a US visa or admission into the United States, and the conditions for such according to the Immigration and Nationality Act, as well as classes of persons who are ineligible for waivers.
REMINDER: Oct 15 Deadline for Reporting US Offshore Accounts
14 October 2009
The I.R.S is continuing its crackdown on Americans that use offshore accounts to evade US taxes.
ThailandPeru FTA Soon
24 September 2009
On Tuesday Cabinet approved the signing of the bilateral Thailand-Peru FTA aimed at liberalizing trade
Suu Kyi Prohibited from Hearing Appeals Argument
24 September 2009
Burmese military leaders have barred pro-democracy leader Daw Aung San Suu Kyi
US Film Producers Convicted of Bribing Thai Official
15 September 2009
Last Friday a US court convicted film producers Gerald and Patricia Green of bribing
Value of BOI Projects Decrease
11 September 2009
Secretary General Atchaka Sibunruang Brimble has announced that the total value of company projects
Draft Amendment for Simpler Company Registration
7 September 2009
On 18 August, the Cabinet approved a draft amendment proposed by the Ministry of Commerce aimed.
Foreign Companies Investigated
4 September 2009
The Department of Special Investigation is investigating several foreign companies for violations of the Foreign Business Act
Phuket Investigation of Foreigners Using Thai nominees
4 September 2009
An investigation was ordered by Phuket provincial governor Wichai Phraisa-ngob to ascertain the illegal use by foreigners of Thai nominees in businesses.
Spa Excise Tax
4 September 2009
Finance Minister Korn Chatikavanij stated yesterday that the Ministry is to consider abolishing or reducing the excise tax of 10 percent for spa establishments.
Public Hearings for Draft Retail and Wholesale Business Act
3 September 2009
A series of public hearings on the draft Retail and Wholesale Business Act will be held soon to promote a clearer understanding of the draft law and allow for suggestions
Government to Clarify Reserved Activities Under the FBA
1 September 2009
Amid talks of foreigners investing in rice farming, an activity reserved for Thais only, the Commerce Ministry

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