Attorney Arrested for Bringing Gun to “Dark Knight” Screening

by Admin on August 9, 2012

A New Haven attorney was arrested for bringing a loaded gun to a late showing of the “Dark Knight.” The not-so-smart move incited fears that another killer was on the loose.

Sung-Ho Hwang had strapped the gun in his waistband and in a statement said he had a permit for it. However, while some may think he was protecting himself in the theater he says he needed it for security while walking alone at night calling New Haven “the murder capital of Connecticut.”

Police arrested Hwang in the theater after other moviegoers complained of seeing a man with a gun. He now faces two charges of interfering with police and breach of the peace. Now the only question left is whether he’ll represent himself-he is only an immigration attorney after all.

The recent Aurora shootings where 14 people were killed occurred during a showing of The Dark Knight. The alleged shooter James Holmes reportedly died his hair red like the Joker character in a previous batman movie. No word yet on the color of Sung-Ho Hwang’s hair.

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