Bitcoin: The New Digital Currency?

by Admin on March 28, 2013

In Cyprus, it’s been three weeks since banking institutions were open to the public. When they do open (presumably Thursday), account holders will be limited to the amount that they can withdraw. Those with large accounts will face a hefty “tax.” While the bankrupt country is finally reaching a bailout deal in Brussels, financial institutions in the Eurozone and their customers are quivering.

With the fate of the singular currency up in the air, many are wondering how best to secure to their assets. 

One guy’s answer: the Bitcoin, a digital currency.

Jeff Berwick, president of The Dollar Vigilante, a newsletter that covers financial topics related to the potential collapse of the dollar, plans to install the world’s first bitcoin ATM in Cyprus.

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The bitcoin stores currency digitally. It’s on a flashdrive, in the interwebs, in the cloud. You deposit cash into the ATM, and it credits your account with bitcoins. It’s a form of cash without government backing, something Berwick claims isn’t necessary.

Berwick says the bitcoin is the currency of the future — hence, his slogan: Your Future Now.


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